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CV Workshop and Cover Letter

The aim of the CV Workshop is to assist individuals to prepare the best CV to represent themselves, to lead them to think deeply about themselves, their career aspirations, skill accomplishments, their past achievements, and their personal attributes, etc.

A Competency CV

Not only a Competency CV will show your capabilities to deliver the expected results, it facilitates the recruiter to do the screening job, and thus grant you an interview meeting.


  • put the most important personal information in the CV first
    (your name, contact number)

  • make good use of space to make your CV
    more comfortable for recruiter to view it

  • highlight your most recent and greatest achievement/ accomplishment

  • be concrete and concise, specify your skills, job duties,
    while keep your CV short as the maximum of 3 - 5 pages
    depending on the longevity of your relevant career

  • target the position you are applying,
    i.e. include the most relevant information about the job
    (e.g. CCNA, relevant cerificate, etc.)

  • A Convincing Cover Letter

  • proofread and see if there is typing mistakes or anything else wrong.

Many candidates neglect the importance of writing cover letter. They write it rather simple or without any organization. Indeed, cover letter is a sales letter, which is a way to present your CV. Thus, writing a convincing cover letter can give a good impression to the recuiter.


  • state your purpose of your letter
    (e.g. what you are apply for, quoting with reference number)

  • discuss your key strengths
    (e.g. skills, qualifications, experience,
    your greatest achievement, etc.)

  • be concrete and concise, only highlight your greatest strengths

  • write a conclusion before ending you cover letter,
    also be polite to the potential employer for his/ her
    time spent on your letter and CV

  • state clear your contact in the letter

  • proofread before you send out the letter