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Executive Search and Selection

Resources Explorer is in a unique position to deliver the most cost-effective solution for a successful executive hire. Our executive search and selection service is designed to meet recruitment needs from the mid to senior management levels.

We have proven experience in providing Executive Search and Selection services across a wide range of industry sectors including

  • Computer Hardware and Software Vendors

  • Business Consulting

  • Networking, Data Communciation and
    Telecommunciations Vendors and Service Provider

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance

  • Other Commercial Sectors like
    Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, .etc.

As organizations are now seeking increased levels of service diversity from executive search and selection service providers, it has become increasingly important that we demonstrate an in-depth understanding across all functional areas like

  • Management Information System

  • IT Security, Audit, Storage and Quality

  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development

  • Project Managers and Program Directors

  • Account Management

  • General Management

  • Consultants and Analysts

  • Architects

We believe that our success is based on building close working relationship through taking the time to know your business, understand your organization and develop the right profile of people you need to succeed.