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Interview Skills

A good performance in the interview is the success of the process of job seeking. There are various types of interview, i.e. situational interview, behaviour interview, panel interview, etc. Regardless the types of interview, there is some advice for candidates.


Research the company

Before having interview, knowing more about the company is useful to prepare youreself for the interview. Researching the company's news, product, and anything that is relevent will equip yourself better. Company's website is best desrcibe the culture, structure, and operation of the company.

Know more about the job position

Reviewing the job descriptions will let you know more about the job position. Relating them to your skills and qualifications to suit the job requirements, so as to better prepare for the interview.

Rehearse for your interview

Practice makes perfect. Rehearsal can make you feel more condifent of and comfortable for the interview. You have to think about the questions you may be asked, and try to think about the most suitable answer. Besides, you can make use of your CV to practise your presentation.


You should be on time for the interivew. Confirming that you are clear about the location and time for the interivew.

During the Interview

  • Be nice and polite, keep eye contact with the interviewer and
    smiling when it is appropriate

  • Stay relax

  • Be confident

  • Pay attention to the questions

  • Keep your responses positive and concise