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During periods of corporate restructuring, downsizing or reorganization, a necessary consequence may be the need for headcount reductions. Outplacement is the process by which those affected are given practical support and personal assistance in moving forward

The primary objective is to assist employees in making a smooth transition to a new position but there are also other benefits to providing outplacement serices to affected employees.

Downsizing can have a negative effect on an organization as there is an impact on employee morale and stability. When an employer is seem to act in a responsible manner towards those affected staff much of this negative impact can be reduced. Those leaving the company do so with the feeling of being cared for and retain an overall good impression, while those remaining experienced reduced feelings of guilt or worry for their ex-colleagues.


Resources Explorer provide the outplacement service to help the employer-

  • Provide advice and assistance in delivering
    outplacement services to employees

  • Assist employers on formulating severance packages and
    handling termination interviews

  • Preparation of sepeartion letters and reference letters


Resources Explorer provide the outplacement service to help the employee-

  • Personal consultation or group sessions

  • Career assessment and guidance

  • Job search assistance

  • Cover letter/resume preparation and critique

  • Interview preparation and follow up

  • Training referral