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Payroll Management

Resources Explorer aims to provide each client with the widest range of services. In today's business environment, outsourcing certain functions to suppliers is a growing trend. This allows the Human Resources team to focus on business critical and strategic matters, passing the responsibility for administration and process based functions to a qualified and professional supplier.

The Payroll Management Services is one where Resources Explorer takes on the responsibility for employment and payrolling of people on behalf of its Clients. This would include assuming tax, insurance and legal responsibilities. Unlike our normal contract or temporary business, we do not provide any recruitment or management of the people employed - it is expected that our Client would continue to handle these area.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate our Clients in managing their headcount and human resources in a more efficient and effective way. We believe that our Payroll Management Service can bring our Clients a long term benefits on:

  • Reducing headcount pressure

  • Sharing the people management workload

  • Minimizing administration work

  • Saving additional Compensation and Benefit cost