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Our Mission

In business, people are the greatest asset. Behind every great vision, great brand and great service are the numerous individuals who deliver on the promise.

Resources Explorer is dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision. We provide innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes worldwide to meet the challenges of today's changing business environment.

Our aim is to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services and e-capabilities.
Our continued commitment to achieving a pool of pre-selected, work ready candidates allows us to assign appropriate staff quickly and, in many cases, without our clients having to complete a lengthy interviewing and selection process.

Our methodology for permanent recruitment :

  • Received detail job order from clients

  • Conduct database search, advertising search and headhunting

  • Pre-screen and interview candidates

  • Shortlist qualified candidates and present the profiles to clients

  • Schedule client interview with candidates and follow up

  • Negotiate offer with both clients and candidates

  • Conduct Reference Check

  • Placement confirmation

  • Post Placement follow up

We put our top priority in fulfilling our clients' strategic needs and guiding people in their career development. We achieve our success rate by ensuring that our Researchers and Consultants possess as much relevant information as possible from the outset of the assignment.

We are capable of understanding our clients' aspirations in gearing their business and through interactive discussions, we can fuel our clients with the right people behind their move.