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Recruitment Services

Resources Explorer is a recognized expertise in meeting specialized recruitment needs for junior through to senior management level positions in the IT&T sectors. From sourcing one person through to volume recruitment projects, we are the one to help you.

Permanent Recruitment

Our experience with permanent recruitment is extensive - we have an extensive client base of small to medium sized enterprises together with a large base of multinational corporations. We have proven skills in the recruitment of specialist IT staff in the following functions -

  • Software Development

  • Infrastructure and System architecture

  • IT Security, Storage and Audit

  • Networking and Telecommunications

  • CRM/ERP/Supply Chain Management

  • Computer operation and support

With the constant changes in technology, it is essential that our consulting teams ensure that they remain up to date in the latest trends. This is achieved through an ongoing commitment to reviewing market intelligence as well as monitoring the relevant trade publications.

Contract Staff

The demand for a flexible workforce, particularly in the IT disciplines, remains strong for a number of reasons. These include the pressure on IT budgets, shortened project timeframes, headcount restrictions and a growing interest in achieving business objectives without increasing the fixed costs of operations. This is particularly true in times of economic uncertainty.

As an employer, you may find yourself in need of additional staff or even a fast replacement. These can be many reasons why companies need an extra pair of hands. When you do, whatever the reasons, Resources Explorer has the solution.

Resources Explorer has a pool of highly qualified and skilled individuals available at all times. We achieve this through continual investment in the recruitment and retention of candidates interested in the unique challenges of contract based employment. Our experience covers a broad range of industry sectors as well as functional roles. These include -

  • Computer Hardware and Software Vendors

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance

  • System Integrators and Telecommunicaiton Operators

  • Business Consulting

  • Other Commercial Sectors like
    Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, etc.